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Smart Colonic X

Discover the Smart Colonic X, the ultimate at-home colonics solution for safe and comfortable cleansing. With its high-quality silicone enema bag, 8-foot soft pipe, and 10-inch filter, enjoy a hygienic and relaxing colonics experience. Complete with a convenient storage bag and essential accessories, including a pump, suction cup, and lubrication packets, the Smart Colonic X ensures a seamless setup and effective cleansing. Prioritize your digestive health with this comprehensive and convenient home colonics solution.

Smart Colonic EX

Experience the ultimate colon cleansing with Smart Colonic EX. This innovative system features a battery-powered air pump for a comfortable and effective adding air to the bed. With a high-quality silicone enema bag, filter, and soft pipe, it ensures a hygienic and soothing experience. Take it anywhere with the convenient storage bag. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a healthier you.

Tagline: Enhance Your Colon Cleansing Experience with Smart Colonic Accessories

Discover a range of premium accessories designed to complement your Smart Colonic experience. From clip pipe syphon tube holders to suction cup angers, our accessories ensure convenience, stability, and optimal performance. Elevate your colon cleansing routine with these essential add-ons and enjoy a truly enhanced and effective cleansing process.

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Prefer to perform colonics with a coffee solution?

No problem, just pour coffee into the Smart Colonics enema bag, turn on the faucet, and let it flow as usual!

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