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  • Can I use coffee with the Smart Colonic?
    Yes, coffee can be added in the supplied enema bag, where it will get mixed with water before entering your colon.
  • How can I inflate the bed?
    The package contains an air pump, which makes easy work of the inflation process. So don’t worry about tiring your lungs.
  • Can I take the smart colonic with me on vacation?
    Absolutely. You even get a travel bag in the package! Smart Colonic is compact and lightweight at 2 lbs (0.9 kg). In its wrapped-up state, it can be taken along on all of your trips.
  • Is using the Smart Colonic safe?
    Yes, water from your faucet first passes the enema bag — which ensures optimal pressure for a safe, fool-proof, and comfortable water flow.
  • How is it different from just hanging up an enema bag the traditional way?
    Traditional ways are risky and uncomfortable. Smart Colonics’ inflatable bed sits right above your toilet seat, is soft, and has a head rest. This allows you to relax and let it flow out at the end of your session, without worrying about a messy release on the floor.
  • How does Smart Colonics work?
    Using smart colonics is similar to traditional home colonics, but with added benefits that make it easier and more convenient. Just inflate the bed, place it over the toilet, hang the enema bag and connect it to your faucet. Then simply turn on the faucet, get comfortable on the bed.
  • What are the benefits of colonics?
    There are a large number of health benefits that come with bowel cleansing, such as: improved immune system, boosted energy levels, weight loss. Colonics can even help solve constipation.
  • When can you start shipping?
    Smart Colonics is ready for production. We’re hitting Kickstarter very soon, and will be able to ship as soon as the campaign ends.
  • What nozzle sizes does the Smart Colonic come with to cater to different preferences or needs?
    smart Colonic gives you the opportunity to hook up anything you have in your mind.... I'll focus is to give the best tools to clean the colon
  • What is the recommended frequency of use for the Smart Colonic to maximize its health benefits?
    The best idea to speak to your doctor you therapist all depends on your needs some people have no choice using the daily. on the side note that is millions of people they have no idea what going on in the colon which caused them so many diseases. I wish we can spread the world it's worth a try for anyone with suffering all type of stuff
  • I'm concerned about the possibility of water leakage during use.
    This is the best part of smart colonic it doesn't matter if you leak if you don't you can hold the water inside you as long as you want or you can spill it out right away because you are on in a very comfortable position and designed the water direct to the bathroom not to get anything wet. as long as you want you can keep water into your body in and out so full hour.
  • Has the idea of providing a carrying case been considered? Although the product is advertised as being portable and compact, it would be beneficial to have a means of safely transporting it without the concern of damage or dirt.
    Yes our plan is to design a travel-bag kid which is convinced for not taking too much space in weight. however you can probably buy any type of case available on the market as long as you measure the size to fit it in when it's folded
  • What is your estimate of the product's lifespan before requiring a replacement?
    I believe if you use the light and safe it can last for very long time because the material is a very very strong and heavy material and very expensive material especially designed
  • Hello! Have you explored the possibility of providing the product in varying sizes and shapes? I'm interested in using it, but I'm uncertain if the current size and shape would be suitable for me. Offering different choices would be beneficial in accommodating a variety of body types and preferences.
    yes I liked it advice and we were thinking about this. as of now we designed the size which it should fit in a decent toilet and it should fit for a simple regular person even with a very heavy weight up to 300 pounds and more. and actually we are thinking about different sizes and shapes however of course for the right price you can send us Dimensions we can do a custom piece
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